HERCO continues to innovate with the HERCO_Spray Robot M710iC/6C for 800 to 1400 tons Die Casting Machines. This Spray Robot consists of:

  • FANUC_M710iC/70 FoundryPRO Ethernet
  • HERCO_DressPack 6-Circuit with standard faceplate set
  • HERCO_FANUC GUI for easy handling operation

Heart piece of the bundle is the newly developed Graphic User Interface software as part of the FANUC teach pendant. This GUI allows for easy spray process setup and control.

Further options available on request:

  • Robot DCM Mounting Bracket
  • Quick Change FacePlate Bayonet
  • Custom Engineered FacePlate set
  • Air Flow Volume Control
  • Lube Flow Volume Control
  • Die Lube Mixing and Boosting Cabinet
  • Supervision or Installation

Please contact us for more information.