IBC Tote Unloading Station

The HERCO IBC Tote Unloading Station ensures for a constant and safe supply of lubricant to the machine. Two pumps installed parallel to each other eliminate interruption of flow, creating the highest uptime possible. The buffer tank measures the fill level in the tote via a hydraulic column, in order to avoid the need of a suction and fill level sensor in the tote. Furthermore the buffer reservoir tank also allows for tote switch without interruption in productivity.

  • Spill containment basin to catch any leaks or drips, keeping workers safe
  • No more need to keep an eye on the level of product in the IBC tote, the system automatically sends a notification to the monitor when the tote needs to be switched
  • Buffer reservoir tank allows for tote switch without interruption of productivity
  • Pumps installed in parallel eliminate interruption of flow
  • 385-gallon spill containment sump volumes exceed EPA & UFC requirements
  • Angled platform, along with bottom draining, ensures maximum use of the material from the IBC tote
IBC Tote unloading station made in the USA from HERCO

Every spray system requires preventative maintenance. For this reason, we have developed a faceplate test station. To ensure the complete functionality of a faceplate, the units can be clamped into the machine so that a test program can assure the unit is working correctly.

After the detachment of the faceplates from the die cast machine, the faceplates can be stored safely and transported to maintenance using HERCO’s tool cart.

HERCO Spare Parts Tool Cart is a valuable tool for your inventory management. All parts and tools are stored in one place and can be rolled up close to the die casting machine, The drawers are equipped with foam mats, avoiding your parts to slide during transport and always keeping them in the right spot. No more back and forths to the tool shed.