• Chill block mold component from HERCO


HERCO is proud to offer high-quality, technologically advanced mold component products. From hydraulic operated vacuum valves, to chill blocks and copper composite inserts, HERCO has a product that meets your mold technology needs.

K1 Vacuum ValveK1 Chill Vents – BlocksMetal Front Operated Vacuum Valve
Initial Cost of InvestmentLowLowHigh
Maintenance CostLowLowHigh
Amount of Air EvacuationHighModerateHigh
Ease of UseModerateHigh (very easy)Moderate

K1 Vacuum Valves (hydraulic operated)

One of the biggest issue in light metal die casting is porosity. HERCO and its partner Heck & Becker are able to provide the solution. The Heck&Becker K1 Vacuum Valve is the key.

Benefits of the Heck & Becker K1 Vacuum Valve:

  • Rejections due to porosity are drastically lowered
  • Excellent surface quality of products
  • Product density and strength are increased
  • Larger, thinner and more complex castings are possible
  • Flash is reduced or eliminated
  • Low cost of initial investment
  • Low cost of maintenance
  • High volume of air evacuation
  • Highly developed geometry of the seal pin achieves the best possible seal in the vacuum system
  • Cooled hydraulic system for use in hot environments
  • Easy installation in the die

HERCO supplies the Heck&Becker K1 Chill Vents-Blocks that increase your product quality and reduce scrap due to porosity. The innovative washboard design provides high thermal conductivity and high wear as well as temperature resistance. In turn, this allows maximum venting efficiency until end of cavity filling and guarantees the solidification of aluminum or magnesium.

  • Eliminates porosity
  • Reduces scrap rates
  • Increases productivity
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Increases product density and strength
  • Maximum venting efficiency until end of cavity filling
  • Reliable in operation
  • Low initial cost of investment
  • Low cost of maintenance
  • Easy to operate
  • Disposal as pressure or vacuum venting plates
  • No ejectors, no cooling and no spraying required

Copper Composite Inserts supplied by HERCO provide the latest technology in cooling and tempering molds for high pressure die casting. Steel forms the mantle of the mold core, ensuring protection against wear and mechanical stability while copper, located in the interior of the mold core, carries out the dissipation of heat. In conclusion the combination is a steel core that conducts heat like copper. These copper composite inserts can be kept much cooler than steel alone, resulting in 2-3 times higher heat removal and shorter cycle times.

  • Homogeneous surface temperature
  • Reduces the mechanical tension
  • Increases lifetime
  • Considerably reduces the cycle time
  • Cooling bores no longer needed

Copper Cartridge Cooling

  • The copper cartridge is pressed into the cooling bore: copper remains in contact steel
  • Close to the contour with a distance of 20 mm from the mold cavity
  • The risk of a “water shot” is minimized
  • If a defect in the steel should arise, the cooling remains unaffected due to the additional layer of copper