Mold Technology

Structural and Powertrain Part Solutions

HERCO strives to facilitate mold technology solutions that our customers can rely on for product quality, reliability and repeatability. We are a proud partner of Heck & Becker, Germany. Heck & Becker is the undisputed leader in the industry with over 80 years of experience. Starting with the Audi A8 and Mercedes Benz Crossmember in the early 1990s, Heck & Becker has the longest standing experience in structural part system know-how.

Through this partnership, we are able to offer complete solutions for mold technology, including advanced cooling concepts, state-of-the-art steel material construction, composite insert material and 3D laser cutting. In addition, we offer mold components and shot sleeve reconditioning. Keeping your projects on schedule and attention to detail is of the utmost importance to us. Excellence is our tradition. 

The HERCO and Heck & Becker Advantage:

Structural parts experience, innovative aluminum die casting, die cast engineering

Process Experience & Know-How

With over 80 years of experience including more than 20 years of experience in structural parts, Heck & Becker is the undisputed industry leader. This experience allows for knowledge that can only be gained through trial and error over time, creating solutions to difficult problems and innovative new ideas. This expertise is incorporated into developing and optimizing your die casting parts, dies, and processes, saving you time and money.

First-Class Engineering

Engineering does not start with the die design but with the design of the part. First together with your designers, our experienced team of in-house designers and application engineers shape the part by planning casting systems and running simulations. This creates the most functional and manufacturable part possible, your cost-efficient and time-saving solution. Heck & Becker offers flow simulation and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) of the mold as well as prototypes.

Innovative Tool Build & Production

Heck & Becker owns an in-house Die casting Technology Center (DTC), equipped with a 3500 US tons die cast sampling machine with Vacural, Vacuum and traditional casting capabilities. Your first prototypes are produced as well as your first high-pressure die casting dies. Then the final die is tested in Heck & Becker’s DTC. Along with the final die, you receive the entire casting process, which is launched into series production and optimized together with Heck & Becker.

In order to ensure a quality product and efficient sample casting, substantial quality control gauges and fixtures are required. To this end, along with HERCO, Heck & Becker offers extensive quality control measures. These include adapting to your requirements and your product demands, manual or electronic measurements and displays and data link storage to your IT system for documentation.

HERCO also offers innovative mold components that minimize cycle times and reduce scrap rates, saving you money.

Services we offer:

  • Die Casting part engineering & consulting
  • Flow simulation and Finite Element Analysis
  • Mold engineering
  • Mold build
  • Part sample run
  • R&D Process development in our Die casting Technology Center
Conformal cooling inserts

Conformal Cooling Inserts

Cutting-edge, 3D printed Conformal Cooling Inserts

Mold components for die casting

Innovative Mold Components

Chill Blocks, Vacuum Valves, Copper Composite Inserts