Meccanica Pi.Erre turns green with new Eco-Line.

Verona, Italy June 21, 2017 – Meccanica Pi.Erre, one of the European leading trim technology companies, introduces the new Eco-Line based on variable-frequency drive systems, at the 2017 Metef Exhibition.

Traditional hydraulic trim presses use electric motors to supply the workforce/horsepower required to build tonnage. Most (if not all) of these motors use AC (alternating current) and run on voltages between 120 to 600 VAC. Motors with larger horsepower can consume a massive amount of electricity and become a big number on a die caster’s balance sheet. An energy-saving device that’s well known in many segments of the industry (but perhaps less among die casters yet) is the variable-frequency drive (VFD).

While the usage of VFD’s is no new technology in the field of stamping presses, this technology is entering slowly into the die casting industry. Over the course of the last 10 years, the usage of VFD systems for hydraulic press drives has become economical and meets today’s demands for reliability. Moreover, it offers a great Return-On-Investment by reducing the cost per part.

Additionally, by creating workforce on demand via VFD, consumption of water cooling and noise emission are drastically reduced.

About Meccanica Pi.Erre

HERCO represents Meccanica Pi.Erre Trim Tech (MPR) in North America. MPR is the foremost European die cast trim technology company, providing complete and unique solutions for trim dies and standard trim presses, as well as custom trimming and machining solutions.