Oil Mist Filtration

Oil, smoke, coolant, solvents and bacteria are potent mix of airborne contaminants as part of the metalworking processes and are widely documented as hazards. Not only do oily residues pose the obvious slip and fall danger but also exposure to these airborne substances. It has been shown to cause respiratory illness, allergies, skin ailments and even cancer. The KMA Electrostatic Precipitator oil mist collection system reduces these airborne pollutants to as little as 0.5 mg/m3 and lower — well below OSHA’s standard for exposure limits.*

Worker safety and plant productivity are both at stake. Therefore the need to create a clean and safe working environment is more important than whether the manufacturers want to remain competitive.

Central Air Filtration System
Horizontal Electrostatic Precipitator with integrated Clean-In-Place automatic cleaning system