HERCO is a manufacturer of proportional mixing systems. Constant supply of die lube mix with an adequate pressure rating is essential for a reliable and effective spray process. For this reason all fill levels, pressures and flows are continually monitored. Any deviation outside of a custom set tolerance leads to a fault and the machine stops at cycle end. This ensures a reliable spray process with constant quality parameters and the prevention of the ejector pin breakage caused by missing or inadequate die spray.

Our systems are available in standard SIEMENS control system, or optional AllenBradley and Mitsubishi.

De-Central Proportional Mixing Systems

De-Central System offers the highest flexibility in finding the right process parameter for a specific casting application. Each machine can be individually adjusted for die lube ratio, pressure and volume. The independence of the system leads to the highest uptime of the plant. De-Central System is available in three versions:

HERCO_S: Die Lube Proportional Mixing & Boosting for small and medium die casting parts application with boosting pressures of up to 150 PSI.

Patent pending. 

HERCO_SL: Die Lube Proportional Mixing & Boosting for medium and large die casting parts application. Features boosting pressures up to 300 PSI and extended monitoring and documentation options.

Patent pending.

HERCO_SLM: Same as SL, with an additional MicroSpray cabinet for structural and high-end Powertrain castings.

Patent pending.