die cast Infrared camera system

Quality Monitoring through Infrared Camera System

Unlike other systems on the market, the Smart-LX® not only focuses on process development, but on a detailed and comprehensive quality monitoring system through infrared imaging.

The benefits of the HERCO SMART-LX® are:

+ Scrap Reduction – Intermediate Response

Early detection of thermal events, process failures, and tooling failures will reduce runtime with abnormal conditions which lead to high scrap rates and sorting time.

In addition, the number of preheat shot parts is determined by a determined heat signature of the infrared camera instead of a static table within the DCM.

+ Asset Monitoring

The monitoring of the heating and cooling circuitry within the die will give you valuable insights of the performance of such. Calcification, rust or any other depositing of circuitry within the die or the temperature control unit can be detected prior of part or toolingfailure.

+ Preventative Maintenance

Through the long-term insight of the die heat signature we will learn about the behavior of our asset and can schedule repair and maintenance of the die and peripheral equipment, e.g. temperature control units, die spray etc.

= Return on Investment

The reduction of scrap, the prevention of asset failure and an active pre-planned maintenance of die and equipment will lead to positive return on investment of the equipment.