Die Cast Spray Head Manifold

There is no doubt that the future of the die cast spray head manifold design lies in MicroSpray technology, however a minimalistic die lube approach requires optimized die cast mold designs. Until then, the industry requires a spray solution for both existing and new optimized mold designs.

Herco provides flexible spray systems that can accommodate HighImpact, MicroSpray or a hybrid combination of the two. Whereas traditional powertrains still require an amount of external cooling for hot spots and runner / biscuit areas, thinner structural parts only need a die lube application.

Our spray heads and promotional mixing system offer a solution for the existing and optimized mold inventory.

Our technology partner Bohmer Maschinenbau GmbH, engineers spray heads based on your 3D mold data, flow simulation and IR pictures. We use then this information to discuss with your process engineering department an optimized solution.