Meccanica Pierre (MPR) has designed and built die cast trim presses for over 20 years. With the acquisition of RoboPress, MPR became one of the leading trim press manufacturers in Europe.

An important part in trimming technology is the trimming press, including the mold. MPR presses can be used with cast parts made from high-pressure, low pressure and gravity die casting processes.

MPR offers trim presses from 20 ton to 100 ton, with an extensive option offering. The presses can be equipped with a parts shuttle, sliding table or slide-tilt table.

Furthermore MPR is the only manufacturer able to offer complete solutions for both trim tools and trim presses. All tools and presses are engineered and built in-house. This company strategy makes MPR one of the leading trim press manufacturers in Europe.

MPR has recently introduced the new Eco-Line, an hydraulic trim press based on variable-frequency drive system (VFD) (see 6th image below). This new machine consumes significantly less energy than a traditional hydraulic trim press. In addition, the consumption of water cooling as well as noise emission are reduced by creating workforce on demand via VFD.