• Conformal cooling die inserts from HERCO

Conformal Cooling Inserts

Cooling of the core insert is the greatest problem in most molding applications. With no core cooling, heating of the core is therefore unavoidable. Current fabrication methods place severe limitations on the configuration of the cooling channels used for heat withdrawal. Using additive manufacturing processes (3D printing), HERCO facilitates the production of Conformal Cooling Inserts. As a result, your cycle times are shorten while you produce parts with lower residual stresses.

Cutting-Edge Mold Technology Solutions

Proper thermal management of metal tooling is necessary to increase part quality and production rates. Thus, 3D printing Conformal Cooling Inserts allows us to create complex internal cooling passages exactly where they need to be. These passages provide you the ability to accurately control the temperature of the molding cavity throughout the process cycle. Consequently it creates a more uniform surface temperature than inserts with traditional straight channels. As a result, you achieve maximum part quality and lower your costs.


  • Increase part quality
  • Lower costs
  • Lower residual stresses
  • Faster cycle times
  • Accurate temperature control of the molding cavity
  • Flexibility in materials systems