IBC tote unloading station

Innovative Die Lube Spray Solutions product results in more productivity; the IBC Tote Unloading Station from HERCO, LLC

Rochester Hills, Michigan (August 18, 2016) – HERCO, LLC announced a new product addition, the IBC Tote Unloading Station, to their extensive portfolio of Die Lube Spray Solutions. The innovative design of the new Tote Unloading Station allows manufacturers to easily and seamlessly supply lubricant to their machines or mixing stations.

 “The new IBC Tote Station is ideal for any manufacturer,” said Rainer Herrmann, President of HERCO. “It ensures for a constant and safe supply of concentrate through the use of a buffer tank and spill containment basin, resulting in more productivity in a better working environment.”

 Two pumps installed parallel to each other eliminate the interruption of flow of lubricant to the machines, creating the highest uptime possible. There is no more need to keep an eye on the level of product in the IBC tote: the buffer tank measures the fill level in the tote via a hydraulic column, eliminating the need for a suction lance and fill level sensor in the tote. The system automatically sends a notification to a warning lamp and audible horn when the tote needs to be switched. The buffer reservoir tank continues to feed the system, allowing for tote switch without interruption in productivity.

 The 385-gallon spill containment sump volumes exceed EPA & UFC requirements, catching any leaks or drips to keep workers safe. The angled platform, along with bottom draining, ensures maximum use of the material from the IBC tote.

 “We wanted to create a product that allows companies to be more efficient in their operations, and we have accomplished that with the IBC Tote Unloading Station,” said Herrmann. “We are also proud to say that the product was engineered and built in the USA.”

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